Song List

Friend, Lover, Wife – BMI Award 
Someone to Give My Love To – Hit 
Old Violin – Hit no. 21 
The Outlaw’s Prayer – Hit 
Slide off of Your Satin Sheets – Hit – BMI Award 

Me and the IRS 
Drinkin’ and Drivin’ 
Song and Dance Man – Hit 
She’s All I Got – Hit no. 2 
Mr. Lovemaker – Hit – BMI Award 

11 Months and 29 Days 
Loving You Beats All I’ve Ever Seen 
I’m the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised) 
Colorado Cool-Aid 
Fifteen Beers 
Yesterday’s News Just Hit Home Today 
The Cave – Hit 
(Stay Away From) The Cocaine Train 
Ragged Old Truck 
I’ve Seen Better Days 
My Part of Forever 
The Feminine Touch 
I Did The Right Thing 
Take This Job and Shove It – Hit – BMI Award 
When I Had A Home To Go Home To 
Barstoole Mountain 
I Can See Me Lovin’ You Again 
All Night Lady 
A-11 – Hit 
Heartbreak Tennessee – Hit 
Apartment No. 9 – Writter – Hit 
Touch My Heart – Writter – Hit 
The Lovin Machine – Hit 
Motel Time Again  – Hit 
Jukebox Charlie – Hit 
For A Minute There – Hit 

You Can Have Her 
D.O.A. (Drunk On Arrival) – Hit 
The Toast Of The Town 
The Difference In Me 
Next Of Kin 
You Haven’t Lived Yet 
My Name’s Not (One The Side Walk) 
The Waltz Of The Angels 
Hold That Thought 
I’ll Still Look Up to You 
I Haven’t Found Her Yet 
Georgia In A Jug 
Can’t Hold Myself In Line   
Jole Blon No 2   
Keep On Loving Me   
Lets All Go Down To the River – BMI Award   
Modern Times   
Motel Time Again   
Mr. Bo Jangles – BMI Award   
Once You’ve had the Best – BMI Award
Rythm Guitar   
All American Man   
Ballad Of Frisco Bay   
Barbra Lynn   
Bayou Bum   
Big Red Benson   
Blame Me   
Daddy’s Little Man   
Death Row   
Devils Right Hand   
Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You   
Down At Kelly’s   
Dying Hero   
Everything You Touch Turns To   
Fallen Star   
Fools Hall of Fame   
For This Too Will Pass   
For Those Who Think Young   
Forever Ended Yesterday   
Funny Way of Loving Me   
Give My Regards to the Gutter   
Haven for Angles Unaware   
Heart Don’t Need Eyes   
Heart He Kicks Around   
Help Me Hank I’m Fallen   
Her Words Sure Hit Home   
Hey Cheatin Man     
Hundred Hearts     
I Become a Husband Again     
I Can’t Keep Up With the Jones     
I Cant Promis You    

I Don’t Know What Keeps Us Together  
I Drop More Than I Drink    
I’ll Place My Order Early    
I’ll Still Look Up To You    
I’m A Coward    
I Sleep With Her Memory Every Night    
I’ve Got Them Lookin In The Mirror    
I Wish My Mind Would Just Stay Out Of This    
If You Could Hold My Heart    
In Memory of a Memory    
Im Glad To Have Her Back Agian    
Im Out of My Mind  
I Made a Fool Of Myself  
Pardon Me I’ve Got Someone to Kill  
I Wouldnt Take the World  
If Im Gonna Sink  
If Love Gets Any Better  
In The Home Stretch  
Its A Mighty Thin Line  
Its Been A Long Long Time  
It Won’t Be Long, I’ll Be Hatin You  
Just Cookin  
Just Makin Love Don’t Make it Right  
Jimmy’s Got a Girl  
Johnson’s of Turkey Ridge  
Kissi Yesterday Goodbye  
Lets Walk Hand in Hand  
Leave it To Me  
Little Darlin  
Little Suzie Parker  
Liven With Me Till I Can Learn  
Look Down  
Love Couldn’t Be Any Better  
Love Is A Strange and Wonderful Thing  
Love is For Those  
Love Sure Is Beautiful  
Loving an Angel Everyday  
Loving You Is All I Thought It Could Be  
A Man Thats Satisfied  
Meanest Jukebox In Town  
Migrating Time Agian  
My Baby Dont Love Me Anymore  
My Memories of Home  
My World of Memories  
My Worst is The Best I Can Give  
Natchez Landing  
No One To Blame But Myself  
No Way Out  
Old Year Is Gone  
On Second Thought  
One Day A Week  
Only City  
Pictures Cant Talk Back  
Problem Solving Doctor  
Revenooer Man  
Ride On Sonny  
Right Back Were We Parted  
Sharon Rae  
She’s All I Live For  
She’s Still Lookin Good  
Ship Of Love  
Something He’ll Have To Learn  
Step By Step  
Step Into My Soul  
Thats What The Outlaws In Texas  
Then Love Dies  
These Things I’m Not  
This Time I’m Walkin Out  
Touch My Heart – BMI Award  
Toy Heart  
We’re The Kind of People  
We’re On Fire Again  
Whatever It Takes To Make You Happy  
Wherever You Are  
Without You  
Woman Who Put Me Here  
Woman You Better Love Me  
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  
You Hurt The Love Right Out Of Me  
You’ll Recover In Time  
You’ll Thank Me Tomorrow  
You’ve Got Me Singing Nursery Rymes  
Your Funny Way Of Loving Me  
Your Love Is The Key To It All  
The Real Mr. Heartache