These are some frequently asked questions answered by his son, John PayCheck.


When was Johnny PayCheck born? 

He was born May 31, in Greenfield, OH. Greenfield resembles a little town out of a Norman Rockwell painting. 

How tall was Johnny? 

Everyone always thought my Dad was a very tall man and on stage he seemed that way. However he was only 5’5″. 

What were some of his hobbies? 

Dad always liked to golf, and he was pretty good at it too. He also enjoyed fishing, motorcycles, and watching movies/TV. 

What TV shows did your dad like? 

His all time favorite was Andy Griffith. He would stay up all night in the back of the tour bus watching old episodes until he would fall asleep. All of us in our bunks knew this because dad had a habit for turning the volume up on his TV 🙂 I wouldn’t trade that for the world. It seems everyone learned about his love for the TV show and sometimes fans would bring him Andy Griffith gifts and memorabilia. 

What were his favorite vacation spots? 

Walt Disney World in FL and the Great Lakes. He also enjoyed Colorado but could not handle the effects of altitude on his lungs. 

Musical influences? 

Hank Williams, George Jones , Lefty Frizzell, and Merle Haggard. Dad had an interest in different types of music, but his heart, as we all know, was in country. 

Did Johnny always want to be a entertainer? 

From the word go, Dad always wanted to be a star. He picked up guitar at the the young age of six. He started playing music in a semi-professional sense when he turned 15 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Did I mention he ran away from home more than once to become a star?  He worked in Columbus and met up with George Jones and became a Jones Boy. George liked him and the rest is history. 

What was your dads favorite song of his own? 

Dad always liked “Old Violin”.  Every time he sang it, he poured his heart in to it. 

How long was he married to his current wife? 

My Mom, Sharon PayCheck, and my Dad were married for over 30 years. They were never separated or divorced. 

Did Johnny ever live in WV? 

Yes.  My Dad lived in many states in the US including, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and California. However, in his travels he went to every state in the USA and had visited numerous countries overseas like Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, England, and many others. 

When did he become a member of the grand ole opry? 

Dad became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in November of 1997.


If you have any questions about Johnny PayCheck, let me know. I will try to get them on the site and answer them ASAP.